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Chocolate Chip Cookie


Grandma’s perfect chocolate chip cookies. Thick, delicious, chewy goodness with gooey chocolate in every bite. Fill your cookie jar with this homemade classic.

Lemon Cookie


These lemon cookies are the perfect balance between sweet and slightly tart. The burst of lemony taste is like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.


Lemon Cupcake


Oh so good!  A light, fun, energizing burst of lemon flavor.  Add something different to the cupcake platter!

Mini Chocolate Cupcake


A mini version of amazing!  Moist, chocolatey, melt in your mouth double bite sized deliciousness. Perfect for school treats, to take to the office, or just for fun.

Signature Swirl Sugar Cookie


Our Signature Swirl Sugar Cookie combines the deliciousness of the Classic Sugar Cookie with a burst of flavor!  A fun way to brighten up the cookie tray.



These delicious cookies are light, fluffy, and packed with cinnamon sugar flavor. You can’t eat just one

Vanilla Cupcake


Simple yet blissfully clean, fluffy and refreshing our vanilla cupcakes are must-haves for all occasions.