Safe Treats for All

– Diane’s Story –


After a very frightening allergic reaction to walnuts at 2 years old, Diane’s daughter was diagnosed with a severe allergy to tree nuts and a mild allergy to peanuts.  Over the course of her daughters’ elementary school years Diane was always on the search for a bakery that would make fresh, nut free cupcakes or cookies.  Most would not take the risk because they used nuts in other products.  The stores that would say their products were nut free were usually not knowledgeable enough about allergies to understand the dangers of cross contact.

When her daughter was in Kindergarten there was an instance when Diane called another parent to check on some cookies that had been provided.  The first thing the parent said was “they’re sugar cookies so there wouldn’t be any nuts in them”.

Realizing that most people who have never had to deal with a food allergy may not understand the issues with cross-contact Diane started thinking about opening a truly nut free bakery with delicious goodies that everyone could enjoy and that would be a safe place for parents to shop for school treats.

Jeanna in Kitchen

Honor her Grandmother

– Jeanna’s Story –


As a child Jeanna spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking with her grandmother.  Whether using written recipes or learning to cook without them, everything was delicious and the treats brought a lot of joy to everyone who had them. Jeanna’s dream was to someday open a bakery using those old-fashioned recipes to honor her grandmother and continue to spread the joy from her childhood.

After finding out Jeanna’s son and daughter both have a dairy allergy she began to adapt recipes to enable them to experience the same delicious treats she knew growing up and to be able to carry on the joy of baking with her family.


Conquering Together

– How We Met –


Jeanna and Diane met and happened to share their bakery ideas with each other.  Over time they realized putting their ideas together would provide them with the opportunity to move forward with their dreams.

And from that, Swirl Bakery Company was born.  Delicious cookies and cupcakes based on Grandma’s recipes with the added bonus of being peanut, Tree nut, dairy and soy free, so even allergy sufferers can enjoy freely and carelessly.